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Electrostatic cleaning: Your Thorough Cleaning Solution

Introducing a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process to remove germs and bacteria from the smallest of places, efficiently, sustainably, and safely. 


What Exactly Is Electrostatic Cleaning? 

ESS Electrostatic Cleaning or spraying as it is sometimes known, uses electrostatic technology to provide superior spray coverage. The technology allows the electrostatic sprayer disinfectant to reach small nooks, gaps, and crevasses of the target surface, providing a thorough disinfection process.


How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

The electrostatic technology that we mentioned above, works by a tiny electrode in the nozzle applying an electrical charge to the spray, causing a natural force of attraction between the spray droplets and the surface you are cleaning. These tiny droplets are blown toward the spray target in a high-speed air stream, resulting in double the efficiency of traditional methods. 


What Are The Benefits Of Electrostatic Cleaning?

When comparing Electrostatic Cleaning with traditional ways of disinfecting, we found the following benefits: 

  • It’s safer: Low volume electrostatic cleaning means less chemical exposure for workers, students, and others in the area
  • It’s more effective: The small droplet size and improved coverage substantially improves the bioavailability of disinfectant compounds, making it more thorough and effective
  • There are fewer illnesses: Disinfection limits transmission of many communicable diseases including bacterial infections, influenza, and other viruses like COVID-19
  • Less toxic chemicals are used: The increased effectiveness allows more choices for disinfection and sanitization
  • It’s better for the environment: By using safer chemicals and reducing waste, the total environmental impact is substantially lightened

Whether you’re in need of commercial cleaning or a custom cleaning service, we have an electrostatic cleaning option for you. Request a quote below to find out more.

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